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Verizon Wireless - Everything For Mobile Service!

Phones, Accessories, Headsets, Free Up and Re Up Plans


Shop Virizon Wireless for all your wireless phone and communications needs. Choose from dozens of phones and accessories, start a prepay plan, or refill your talk time minutes with the quick "reup" refill option. Pick the Virizon Wireless plan that fits your lifestyle best. Limited cell phone users may want to go the prepay route while those needing additional minutes each month can select from a variety of local plans by zip code. Come visit Virizon today and see what's new in store. Take a step into the future with high-speed Web enabled phones and wireless Internet options to transform your personal or business communications! Virizon Wireless

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Whether it's fun and games, instant text messaging, or surfing the Web you need, Virizon wireless phones have you covered. Prepay phones let you conveniently free up your time and add reup minutes. So, you no longer will have to go out of your way and visit a local store for your Virizon phone plan. A number of plans also offer voice activated services to make it simple to make calls or retrieve stock and sports updates. Phones with Internet plans even allow you to check your MSN Hotmail or send instant messages to anyone anywhere. 


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The virizon wireless hands free up options like text messaging and voice activated services let you keep your eyes on more important things while effectively communicating to whomever you need to whenever you need to! From local to international plans you'll find it all online.

What's in store at Virizon Wireless:
     - Free up your lifestyle with reup minutes online!
     - Voice activated phones available to make dialing easier
     - Internet enabled wireless phones for surfing the Web
     - Mobile email and text messaging
     - Get breaking news, stock quotes and sports updates on your Virizon phone
     - Prepay plans with reup minutes to allow you to free up your time
     - Quickly see plans available in your area through a quick zip code search



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Mobile Messaging Made Easy With Virizon Wireless!
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