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What does a turduckin recipe consist of? Thatís the question many people ask when looking for the newest craze in holiday meal ideas. Turduckin is often referred to by many different names. Some of these include turducin, turdukin, turduckhen, or some even hunt to find recipes for turduckens! Whatever you call it the biggest question is what goes inside? A turduckin recipe actually consists of three birds; a turkey, a duck, and a chicken. A properly prepared turducken has all three birds boned and stuffed inside one another. The chicken goes in the duck and the duck then into the turkey. Almost all recipes for turduckens also call for a layer of stuffing or dressing between each bird. Popular choices include cornbread stuffing, cranberry/walnut stuffing, or the tried and true stouffers if youíre in a crunch. 

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The history of the turduckin goes back to Cajun Country, a.k.a, Louisiana. Legend has it that there was a challenge involved somewhere between chefs, but no documented history shows where someone actually came up with the idea to stuff three birds together to make a turduckin recipe. Over the years turducin has gained in popularity as an alternative to traditional turkey for holiday meals. The finished meal feeds about 15-20 people, so the turduckhen recipe will usually take care of the entire family plus a few relatives! 


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Wow your holiday guests with the amazing turdukin recipe creation! Providing the option to find Turducken reviews and ratings is our service to getting you a great meal. If you decide to take on turducin recipes alone know that itís a LOT of work. Thatís the reason weíre also providing links to stores that sell turduckin recipe creations online. Only recently has it become easy to order turduckhen recipe birds online and get fresh delivery right to your door. If you want to experience a fabulous meal this is the place to order turdukin for any gathering. You will also save a big amount of time when buying the birds already prepared. Turduckhen is so good you may not want to even wait until the next big gathering to make one!


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The tasty 411 on the turduckin recipe: 
  - This flavorsome creation usually feeds 15-20 people.
  - Several turducin recipes can be used for preparation.
  - Although it comes from Louisiana, turdukin is not usually spicy.
  - The most popular recipes for turduckens call for three layers of stuffing.
  - Each bird inside the turduckin recipe bastes the other for incredible flavor.
  - You think turkey leftovers are good, wait until you try turducin leftovers!



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