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Turducken History and How to Order Turducken Online!

Turducken history – where did this wild concept of a turkey holiday feast come from? Well, it’s not a rare bird from Africa, nor is it a genetic mutation of nature. (Believe it or not, these questions have come up when discussing turducken history!) Turduchen is actually a combination of turkey, duck, and chicken with all the bones removed. The idea is to fit the duck, already stuffed with a chicken, inside a turkey. In between each layer of meat a different stuffing is then placed. And one of the greatest things about this combination of succulent meats is the juices of the turkey and chicken baste the duck, and the full-bodied flavor of the duck bastes the turkey and chicken in return. The outcome is a feast that will leave every guest at your table asking you how to make turducken, or at the least, “Where can I purchase a turducken?” We’re here to give answers!

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Louisiana Turducken History - A New Concept in Turkey

The Cajun specialty of turduchen hails from Louisiana, and although an exact date is not available, turducken history goes back to at least the 1970’s. The option to order turducken online has only become available recently however. Whether this bird concoction was devised from a chef just bored in cooking turkey every holiday, or it came from a determined cook that wanted the fastest way to cook a variety of fowl at the same time is not known. One thing is for certain however. If you want to know how to prepare turducken yourself, get ready for a long, grueling process. That’s why we are here to answer “Where can I purchase a turducken,” vs. how to make turducken. To order turducken online is sooo much easier and reasonably priced. To order turducken online see more. If you’re still thinking about preparing turduchen yourself read on…


Want to Know Where Can I Purchase a Turducken? 

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Want to Know How to Make Turducken?

One thing we can say about making your own turducken is the process is not easy. You won’t find the full directions here because we simply don’t have the space to print them. Yes, that’s how long of a process it is! The turduchen deboning process can be a beast in itself and the assembly of the bird quite complex. So, it is highly recommended to buy them fully prepared and that’s the part we can help with. Unless you’re a master at deboning, stuffing and sewing (yes, sewing!) poultry you will likely regret self-preparation. The prices are reasonable and the MANY hours you’ll be saving in preparation will be well worth it! So, if you’re ready to ask yourself where can I purchase a turducken? - read more.


Where Can I Purchase a Turducken?
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Where Can I Purchase a Turducken?

Knowing how to make turducken and how to cook turducken are two different things. Luckily we have the easy solution for you – the stores to order turducken online already prepared. Once you make your purchase figuring how to make turducken is much easier. The fowl combination comes prepared with stuffing and is ready for the oven. Turduchen can be prepared by braising, roasting, grilling or barbecuing. Some even prefer the method of deep frying turducken for extra flavor. However, if you’re going to try deep frying turducken we caution to watch the turduchen very closely for overcooking. So if you’re ready to take part in experiencing turducken history get ready for your next holiday meal and order now!


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Need to know how to make turducken with cornbread dressing? See the tasty recipe below for help in your meal preparation. 

Quick turduchen information:
 - The meal typically feeds 15-20 people (unless everyone is REALLY hungry!).
 - Turducken history can be traced back to Louisiana.
 - Knowing how to make turducken is easy when you order turducken online.
 - The flavor is amazingly good because each bird bastes the other while cooking.
 - If you think making leftover turkey sandwiches is good wait until you try turduchen leftovers.
 - Your dinner guests will think you’re an expert at knowing how to make turducken when they try it.


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Don’t forget the Cajun cornbread for your turducken stuffing!

Cajun Cornbread Dressing Recipe
3 cups finely crumbled cornbread
3 cups bread crumbs (Italian or Southwest style)turduchen recipe
2 cups chopped onions
1 egg, beaten
2 cups chopped celery
1 1/2 cans chicken broth
1 tbsp. dried sage
2 tbsp. poultry seasoning
1/2 cup melted butter (or margarine)

Combine bread crumbs and crumbled cornbread in a large bowl and mix. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Place in greased baking pan or dish (large). Bake in 375 degree oven for 20-30 minutes or until browned. Goes great with Turducken or turkey dinners. 





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