Fine jewellry at discounts up to 70% - Get deals on gold jewellry and diamond jewellery.


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Fine Jewellry Up to 70% Off at Ross-Simons!


For a great deal on your next jewellry purchase shop Ross-Simons. Offering some of the finest quality jewellery selections of any store around, you'll find everything from diamond engagement rings to pearl necklaces to gold earrings and bracelets. What makes shopping at Ross-Simons even better is that you'll find the same fine jewelery found at retail stores at discounts of 35-70% off! Whatever you may be looking for you're likely to find it in store. Carrying hundreds of precious gems and stones in numerous settings. Find gold jewellry, diamond jewellry, and silver and platinum jewellery selections all at discount prices. Compare to retail prices and you'll see the difference in price, but not selection!

Savings Up to 70% On Quality Guaranteed Fine Jewellry!
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Not only does Ross-Simons offer some of the same fine jewellery you'd find at retail stores or mall locations, but anything you buy is covered with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase rest assured that your jewellry is backed by a store that's been around for years. Known originally as a catalog order business, now ordering online is fast and simple. Questions and comments will be quickly addressed at Ross Simons and you can feel good about your purchase. Order quality jewelery from a quality name. Shop online easily and without hassle. Visit Ross-Simons today! 


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Use the "quick search" box on site to easily find what you need without hassle. Pictures of all products are shown so you can see exactly what you're buying ahead of time. A zoom function is included for viewing any product close up for more detail. You'll know exactly what you're ordering when shopping for precious stones or metals. A large selection of cubic zirconia jewellry is also offered to help ease the strain on those with tight jewelery budgets. The same brilliance and sparkle given off from diamonds can be found in many of the zirconia jewellery rings, necklaces or earrings. Whatever you choose you can be sure of one thing, it will be at a savings.

What You Get At Ross-Simons Jewellry:
     - The same fine jewellery you see at retail stores and shopping mall locations
     - Savings of 35-70% on gold, silver, diamond, pearl, and platinum jewelery
     - Quality jewellry from a name you can trust, Ross Simons
     - A "quick search" allowing you to easily search by price or precious metal
     - Specially-themed holiday and special occasion jewelery offerings
     - Get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on All purchases!

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