iJoy Massage Chair 

The Turbo 2 Chair With the Feeling of "Human Touch" 



See the iJoy massage chair, an innovation in turbo 2 robotic massage technology! Have you ever wanted to hire your own personal masseuse? Well, the iJoy massage chair isn't quite human, but the new iJoy 200 chair does have the technology to make you feel like you're sitting at the spa for a massage (without paying the spa price!). The patented ijoy chair special "Human Touch" rollers inside the iJoy massage chair will make you smile with delight! Your new ijoy chair turbo 2 will let you select the massage program of your choice, including lower back only, upper back only, or the full chair back massage. Take a look at the new low price on the ijoy chair and you may feel even better about buying it. Shop today and find the ijoy and other great massaging aids in store! 

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ijoy massage chair

Four rolling mechanisms inside the ijoy chair simulate human hands performing proven, stress-releasing massage techniques. A robotic control panel at your fingertips lets you choose from the rolling technique, kneading, slight-tapping percussion, or the all-over full turbo 2 package ijoy massage, where your massage chair will give you a timed 15-minute combination massage! If this isn't enough simply start the ijoy massage chair combination massage recliner for even more relaxation. To prevent the frustration of waiting from other members in your household, and with the great price from Sharper Image, you may be tempted to even buy two. 


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Covered with a simulated velour fabric (faux suede) and densely padded, the iJoy massage chair is durable enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. The iJoy massaging recliner is also stylish enough to put in any room and use as a regular lounger. The back of the iJoy massaging recliner goes back up to 160, allowing you to extend your entire body during your massage. Offered in a variety of colors, choose the iJoy chair that best matches the room of your choice. Although very durable, the iJoy massage recliner is still light enough to move up and down stairs to the room of your choice. The new ijoy massage chair 200 has faux suede and even has wheels for ease of movement wherever you want to relax. The latest ijoy chair is easy to maneuver in any room of the home or office for ultimate relaxation!


iJoy Massage Chair

Enjoy All Four iJoy Chair "Human Touch" Massage Programs



Feel your stress dissipate with the turbo 2 iJoy massage chair gentle rolling massage. 

Work out the "knots" and "kinks" in your body with a deep kneading massage. Use this mode to get the tightness out of those stressed out spots. 

A combination of alternating massage chair strokes and slight pressure points on the spine. The Ijoy turbo 2 robotic chair works great in a massage recliner position.

Combination Massage:
A variety of all stress-releasing massage techniques in your chair. The iJoy chair will automatically give you a body invigorating massage that may make you not want to get up! Let the turbo 2 robotic massage chair take away your stresses each and every day!




iJoy Chair - The Feeling of a Masseuse Without the Price of One!


See the iJoy massage chair!

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