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Visit Marshall Fields online today for a taste of Chicago tradition known as Frango mints. For over 75 years the delectable frangos chocolate treats have been made fresh at Marshall Fields (aka Macy's) in the heart of downtown Chicago, Illinois. The original Frango mints are a delicious combination of chocolate and mint all rolled up into a small chocolate frangos square to delight your tastebuds. But why stop at one flavor of Frangos? Frango chocolates are now offered in dozens of flavor combinations including frango chocolate butterscotch, dark chocolate raspberry, thin mint frango chocolates and almond crunch frangos. If you're looking for a premium taste of Chicago tradition to give as a gift Frangos are the way to go. Shop online for a one or two pound gift box available to ship anywhere, or pick up a frango mints variety pack with an assortment of different flavors all wrapped into one luscious gift basket. Choose a Chicago Skyline themed-box of frango chocolates for both a decorative and delicious treat! 




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frangosWhether giving the gourmet frango mints chocolate as a gift or just picking up a box for yourself, the choice of flavors in store will tempt you to try more than one. Pre-wrapped boxes of frangos make a tough decision easy by combining several top-selling flavors into one complete package. The macy's frango mints variety gift boxes provide a simple solution for tempting your tastebuds with some of the most delectable new flavors. Frangos make for a great gift-giving idea that a special someone or loved one will be sure to enjoy. Order from Marshall Fields direct online and know your order of frango mint chocolates should ship within 1-2 days for fast and fresh delivery.       Ship a box of frango mints Chicago tradition anywhere to anyone!

Now Available - Frango Sugar Free Chocolates With the Same Great Frangos Taste!



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Last-Minute Gift Giving Made Easy With Macy's Frangos!
Put a smile on someone's face with a box of frango chocolates shipped fresh day or night. The Marshall Fields online store has frango gift pack ideas in every size from 4 piece mini-boxes to 2lb premium packs wrapped and ready to go for last-minute gift shopping. From the original frango mint chocolate selections to frango chocolate thin mints to toffee crunch and seasonal favorites, you will find all varieties of frango mints at the online store ready to ship virtually anywhere fast. Your order should arrive within only 1-2 days! Pick up a box for yourself or one for a friend or family member. Whoever the lucky recipient is, Frango chocolates are a tasty gift that won't soon be forgotten! 

Try the original frango mint chocolates or see what new flavors are in store today!

Limited Edition Frango Chocolates Flavors:
Frango Caramel Chocolate
Frangos in Chocolate Butterscotch
Frango Mints Almond Crunch
Cherry Chocolate Frangos
Frango Raspberry Chocolates



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Or, try some of Marshall Fields seasonal Frangos favorites:
Gingerbread Frangos
Frangos Candy Cane Dark Chocolate
Assorted Liqueur Frangos
Eggnog Frango Mint Chocolates
New Macys frango mints holiday flavors and gift boxes available

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