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Cool Max - Socks & Shirt Savings

Cool Max socks and shirts signify the ultimate in high-performance athletic gear. Shirts or socks made with the cool max material contain an aero-mesh fabric that moves away excess sweat and dries 3-5 times faster than cotton! The unique cool Cool Max socks and coolmax shirts from Duofold your body needs it the most. With coolmax shirts or cool max socks you won't have to worry about shrinking or stretching. No need to worry about your coolmax shirts washing out over time either. The coolmax shirts and sock material is engineered by DuPontŪ to meet the high-performance standards you'd expect as an athlete! Performance material to help you stay dry and cool. 


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cool max socks & shirts




Choose from long sleeve performance coolmax shirts or short sleeve. At first glance the shirts may look ordinary to you, but the cool max duofold shirt material is where you'll notice the difference. The superior DuPontŪ fiber in cool max socks and shirts dries fast to cool down your body and help improve your athletic endurance. The design of the coolmax shirt fiber allows for more surface area exposure, thus allowing the duofold material to dry quick. The cool max socks are made with an "air vent" construction to allow ventilation at the top of the socks and an elastic cuff to prevent slipping. 

Whether you're jogging, biking, hiking, or climbing, cool max will not disappoint. These shirts or socks are a great fit for any type of weather. Once your try out this duofold shirt material you will see the difference it can make in your athletic performance!

Cotton doesn't stand a chance when put to the test against cool max socks or duofold shirt material!


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Available Coolmax Shirt Sizes:
(Offered in short sleeve or long sleeve high performance shirts from Sierra Trading Co.)

Size: S(34-36) M(38-40) L(42-44) XL(46-48) 2XL(50-52) 3XL(54-56) 4XL(58-60) 5XL(62-64)

Available Coolmax Shirt Colors:
(Offered in short sleeve or long sleeve high performance shirts from Sierra Trading Co.)

Coolmax shirts in white, royal blues, black, grey heather, dark green, dark grey blue



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