Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner - A professional shine at home. See the difference the ionic cleaning of a sonic jewelry cleaner makes.                                                                                                                                         

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 

Get A Professional Shine At Home!


The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner helps you to get the same professional result you would get from going to a jewelry store, without leaving the house. This sonic jewelry cleaner has over 40,000 ultrasonic ionic waves per second to help restore the like-new sparkle on jewelry. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner operates quietly and effectively. Great for cleaning jewelry, coins, keys, and other small metal objects quickly. A Sharper Image original design, this sonic jewelry cleaner will brighten and shine your jewelry or watches in only 5 minutes! Just add water and let the ionic ultrasonic jewelry cleaner go to work.

A Brilliant, Bright Shine To Your Jewelry In Only 5 Minutes!
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A stainless steel tank provides extra durability to the ultrasonic cleaner and helps to ensure years of use. The sonic jewelry cleaner tank houses the water which creates numerous cleansing bubbles, helping to bring back the original shine you remember from your jewelry or coins. This gentle ionic jewelry cleaner technique brings out the best in your precious keepsakes while eliminating any chance of scratching or scuffing. The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is so effective you will notice your dirt and grime being removed within moments of starting it up. 

Why bother trying to clean your jewelry by hand? It's almost inevitable that you will miss hard-to-reach spots on any type of jewelry. The ultrasonic jewelry cleaners ionic technique will not miss. It's always best to go with a sure thing! 

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Features: 
     - Non-abrasive ionic cleaners to protect your jewelry.
     - Safe on jewelry, watches, coins, and other small metal objects.
     - Save money and get the same, professional shine at home.
     - Automatically shuts off when finished. Sonic cleaner effectiveness.
     - Normal and High settings for extra ionic microbubble cleaning action.
     - Specially designed tray included for holding watchbands and small jewelry.



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