The Shower Cd Player keeps your cd's dry - Use the cd shower radio for clear sound.

Shower CD Player - Could It Be Better Than Your Singing?


The shower cd player is now available, just when you thought nothing could top your voice! This cd shower radio features a waterproof design to let you listen to your favorishower cd playerte cd's or radio stations with no worry of water damage, and with extreme clarity. Dual, built in speakers provide the sound you would expect from a quality shower cd player. The programmable cd player will let you shower to your favorite music in the track order you want. A digital tuner on the cd shower radio also makes the changing of radio stations easy. This shower companion allows you to finally bring a cd player into the one place you couldn't before.

Keep Your Music Dry with the CD Shower Radio!
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Finally bring the music you love to listen to into the place you couldn't before, the shower. The shower cd player contains watertight seals to prevent any chance of your cd's getting wet. Once you slip your cd into the open slot and close it up you're set. Or, listen to the cd shower radio AM/FM band if you prefer. Either way your music will come out crisp and clear from the dual-speaker integrated sound system. The cd shower radio waterproof design also makes it a great companion to bring along outside. 

Shower hooks and table stand are included for easy setup wherever you want to use it. If this isn't enough, the new MP3 shower cd player is also now available! 

Shower CD Player Features: 
     - Dual speakers for exceptional sound and clarity.
     - Digitial radio tuner with 10 presets.
     - The cd shower radio can be used in the shower or outdoors.
     - Lightweight with a stylish design.
     - Includes shower hooks, wall bracket, and table stand for easy setup.



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