Personal cooling system - The cooling device for fast results. Use this personal cooling product in any heat.                                                                                                                                         

Personal Cooling System

Personal Cooling System - The Instant Cooling Device!


With the innovative, personal cooling system you'll be hoping for more heat outside! This unique product, offered by The Sharper Image, will cool down your body in mere moments in almost any heat. The personal cooling system was designed around the old-fashioned technique of wrapping a wet towel around your neck. Made to fit around your neck comfortably, the personal cooling product system uses a small fan device to create evaporative cooling over your entire body. No other personal cooling product is like this one. Simply add a few ounces of water and you're good to go into the heat for hours at a time!

A Simple Way to Beat the Heat - The Personal Cooling Device!

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To give a comparison, when using this personal cooling product it's kind of like having an air conditioner strapped to your body…just much lighter. Built to cool down your entire body for hours on end, the personal cooling device ensures that you're comfortable in light heat or even extreme heat conditions. Use when active outside or when just taking it easy out in the yard. You'll feel the breeze of the personal cooling system almost instantly once turned on. A low and high speed is available, so when it's extra hot outside just switch to high for an even faster cooldown! 

Comprised of durable plastic with aluminum side plates, this personal cooling device is built to last, but light enough for a comfortable fit on necks of all sizes. Once you try this personal cooling product you'll never want to think of going back to that 'ol wet towel again!

Personal Cooling System Features: 
     - Cools for up to four hours at a time.
     - Just ounces of water required for relief.
     - A personal cooling product that will not soak you while in use.
     - Aluminum cooling device plates provide virtually instant relief!
     - Water bottle included for instant refills wherever you go.







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