The fog free shower mirror provides maximum clarity in any shower - A fog free mirror for the shower that won't disappoint.

Introducing the Fog Free Shower Mirror!


Save time with the fog free shower mirror. Use for removing makeup or shaving quickly. No longer will you have to wait to get out of the shower to shave with this innovative fog free mirror. The original Sharper Image fog free shower mirror lets you clearly see what you're doing and is guaranteed to stay 100% fog free in the shower! Not light enough in your shower? Don't worry. The fog free mirror also comes with a convenient, waterprfog free shower mirroroof clip-on light to ensure you can see everything clearly and brightly. The Sharper Image shower mirror also includes a handy razor holder for your convenience. Priced right and satisfaction guaranteed, the fog free mirror provides what you need to get things done in the shower quick!

Save time and get a closer shave with help of the fog free shower mirror!
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Why put up with a bathroom mirror that fogs up when you need it? the fog free mirror from Sharper Image will not let you down. Guaranteed not to disappoint, the fog free shower mirror is made of durable plastic for years of use and will give you the clarity needed for a fog free shave each time you're in the shower. No matter how hot you like your shower or how much steam is around, the lighted fog free mirror will come out clear every time. 


Not only is the fog free shower mirror guaranteed to provide maximum clarity, but the fogfree is also light enough to carry with you on the road for trips. Easy to install and easy to use, this fog free mirror for your shower will help to ensure you get a great shave or clean face each and every time you use it, and in any shower you use it in!

Benefits of the fog free shower mirror: 
     - A snakelike neck on the fogfree mirror easily adjusts to your comfort level.
     - Get a closer, cleaner shave when shaving in the shower.
     - Lightweight and easy to install.
     - Helpful waterproof light included in the fogfree shower mirror for dim light.
     - Use at home or on the road for maximum clarity every time.



Get a Fog Free Shave Every Time!



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