Elliptical exercise machine - The foldaway elliptical strider for a low impact home workout.                                                                                                                                         

Elliptical Exercise Machine

Elliptical Exercise Machine - Easy to Use and Store!


The foldaway elliptical strider is easy and effective to use for toning up your body without heavy stress on bones or joints. If you've been meaning to get to the gym but can't, the elliptical exercise machine is the reason you won't need to anymore. Offered from the Sharper Image, you will be able to tone calves, thighs, stomach, chest and arms with the simple gliding technique of the foldaway strider. A padded body cushion and large footplates provide position comfort while exercising. The low impact gliding motion of your workout on the elliptical exercise machine will also help to ensure you get an effective workout without added stress to your body. Made of heavy construction for durability and folds flat for easy storage! 




Get Tone While At Home - The Elliptical Exercise Machine!
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No longer will you feel the need to use this eliptical machine as a clothing tree. So simple and convenient to use you won't want to let the elliptical exercise machine just sit and collect dust. Get a total-body eliptical trainer workout! Improve the muscle tone of many muscle groups while getting a cardiovascular workout in the privacy of your own home. The foldaway elliptical strider provides a high-intensity, low impact exercise because your feet will never leave the footsteps. This could potentially prevent any injury to knees or hips caused by more strenuous high impact exercise.


With so many cross-trainer and eliptical machine choices why use this one? If you've been shopping around you'll probably notice this elliptical exercise machine is priced to fit almost any budget while potentially offering more exercise than other available units. Works many muscle groups concurrently while providing a low impact eliptical trainer workout on your bones and joints. Another great benefit is when you're done using the eliptical trainer for the day it quickly folds small enough to fit under a bed or in a closet. 


Elliptical Exercise Machine Features: 
     - Work a variety of muscle groups at the same time!
     - Cushioned handlebars and body pad for optimal eliptical machine comfort.
     - Large footsteps to prevent slippage.
     - The foldaway elliptical strider folds for easy storage.
     - Large LCD readout to show time and calories burned.
     - Built in EKG pulse sensor for heart monitoring



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