The body fat scale uses an estimator to provide results in only seconds - A body fat scale for measuring body fat quick and accurately.

Instant Body Fat Scale - Measuring Body Fat In Seconds!


It's time to finally update that old bathroom scale. Once you try the Sharper Image body fat estimator scale, you will wonder why you didn't buy one sooner! Measuring body fat has never been easier. Simply step on the body fat scale and your weight and body fat estimator reading will come up in seconds. One of the fastest, simplest ways for measuring body fat. This body fat analyzer is simple enough for anyone to use. Harmeasuring body fat scalemless bioelectric current measures body fat to the nearest 1% and weight to the nearest .2lbs. You can't find a body fat scale to give you a much more accurate measurement than this!

Measuring Body Fat Estimator Has Never Been Easier!
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This innovative body fat scale allows two users to enter their gender, age and height separately for comparison of individual results. The body fat estimator results appear only moments after you step on the scale. No waiting and no entering of your prior analysis numbers. Whether you need to monitor your weight for an upcoming big event or just want to use a body fat estimator for everyday measuring, you will be pleased to see how easy and quick it is to use this scale. Similar to analysis used in health professions, this body fat analyzer is built to perform accurately and quickly.



Body Fat Analyzer Features
     - Measures body fat to the nearest 1%!
     - One of the most accurate weight scales and body fat analyzers around.
     - Large scale estimator base for measuring fat.
     - Settings for body analyzing two people separately.





A Body Fat Analyzer To Get You One Step Closer To A Healthier Body!

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