Atomic Alarm Clock

Atomic Alarm Clock - Never Lose a Second!The atomic alarm clock radio sets itself and needs no adjusting. Never miss a beat with the atomic alarm clock.


The atomic alarm clock is taking time to a new dimension. This ultra-precise atomic alarm clock radio is arguably the most precise alarm clock around. The atomic alarm clock is radio controlled and automatically sets itself to the U.S. Atomic Clock radio signal in Colorado. An extra large LCD display is easy to read and shows time with running seconds. The large display screen also includes a date reading. An added feature is the ability to display time in any of the four U.S. time zones at the touch of a button. So advanced, you'll think the atomic alarm clock has a mind of its own.

Never Change the Time or Date On Your Clock Again!
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You won't ever have to worry again about setting the time on your clock or keeping tabs on when daylight savings time adjusts. The atomic alarm clock radio will take care of itself. In addition to automatically adjusting for time differences, the atomic clock also adjusts for daylight savings time and leap year. The automatic calendar will keep you on your toes and the precise time day-after-day will ensure you never miss an appointment again. 


The atomic alarm clock contains quartz quality and large LCD display for easy reading day or night. An AC adapter is also included to conveniently use it at home or on the road. Futuristic design also allows it to be stylishly displayed anywhere at home or office.

Atomic Alarm Clock Features: 
     - The most precise alarm clock around!
     - Extra slim and lightweight to carry for travel.
     - Display time in any U.S. time zone with the touch of a radio button.
     - Stylish design for display at home or office.
     - Atomic alarm clock radio automatically sets the day and time year-round.








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