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Want to find a reputable store for discount pet medication? With the rising prices in pet medications and prescriptions, paying full price is just too costly for many people. Now, EntirelyPets offers discounts on many prescriptions and makes it easy to search for discount pet medication by name. Everyone wants their pet feline or canine to stay as healthy as possible, and the good news is that going to the veterinarian for all your medication or prescription needs is no longer necessary! 

EntirelyPets is a online retailer of discount prescriptions for canine medication and felines of all types. Whether your cat or dog is large or small, EntirelyPets is here to help save you money on what your loved one needs. Why make a special trip to the vet just to wait in line? Buy your pet prescriptions or over-the-counter medications at a great price every time and get them shipped right to your door! 

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Save money and time when you shop EntirelyPets. No matter what your pet, find discount pet medication available in prescription and non-prescription formulas. Medications formerly only available at your veterinarian are now available online at a discount. Save today when you shop for your favorite feline or canine furry friend and never pay full price again!


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Top Selling Pet Medications:                            

1) Advantage flea and tick control - kills adult fleas within 12 hours of application, and re-infesting fleas are killed within two hours. Easy to apply! Advantage flea is a liquid placed in between the shoulder blades of your cat or dog. Buy advantage flea control online and save!

2) Heartgard Plus - A chewable tablet taken monthly to prevent canine heartworm disease. Heartgard Plus is for the treatment and control Of roundworms and hookworms. Heartgard tabs are FDA approved.

3) Frontline Plus flea control - Flea and tick control and prevention. Kills ticks including those that transmit lyme disease. Fast acting and Waterproof. Frontline Plus contains an IGR which controls all three stages of flea development. Frontline Plus is an EPA approved pet medication.

4) Cosequin ArthritisFor dogs and cats.  Aids in the treatment of arthritis and other joint abnormalities. Cosequin includes Glucosamine. 

5) Green Um for Lawns Buy Green Um lawn care for dog urine without a prescription. Green Um prevents lawn burn and brown patches caused by dog pee and feces.  No more lawn burn from your dog!




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