Flea and Tick Control at Discount! 

Want an easy to use flea and tick killer at a discount price?  Whether itís flea killer or flea control for your canine or feline, youíve come to the right place.  Get rid of fleas fast and get long-lasting tick and flea control results.  Choose from top flea control and flea killer brands like Advantix, Frontline, Advantage, Program flea and tick control and more!  Flea killer shampoos and liquid tick and flea killer formulas also available.  Get rid of fleas and ticks and protect your pet from harmful parasites.  An added benefit is the prevention of lyme disease.   


Shop for discount flea shampoo and topical medications, including both prescription and non-prescription formulas.  Available for both inside and outside canine and feline breeds.  Top-brand medications usually kill fleas within 12 hours of application.  Get rid of fleas in just a matter of hours.  Kill and prevent infestations before fleas or ticks spread into your home and save money off what your veterinarian typically charges! EPA approved flea and tick formulas.  



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Most popular flea and tick killers:

1)  Advantage flea and tick control - kills adult fleas within 12 hours of application, and re-infesting fleas are killed within two hours. Easy to apply! Advantage flea is a liquid placed in between the shoulder blades of your cat or dog. Buy advantage flea control online and save!

2)  Frontline flea control - Frontline flea prevents and kills fleas and ticks for one month. A liquid placed in between the shoulder blades, comes in a 3 month supply. Frontline topspot flea and tick control available for cats. 

3)  Frontline Plus flea control - Flea and tick control and prevention. Kills ticks including those that transmit lyme disease. Fast acting and Waterproof. Frontline Plus contains an IGR which controls all three stages of flea development. Frontline Plus is an EPA approved pet medication.


           4)  Revolution flea control - Revolution dog and cat medication is effective in preventing heartworm disease, killing fleas, and controlling ear mites.  Revolution pet medication goes between cat or dog shoulder blades.

5)  Program flea control Ė Program flea control is a once-a-month flea control treatment offered in both pill and liquid form to prevent flea infestation. Program flea comes in a 6 month supply.

For year-round, safe and reliable flea and tick control go with the brands you can trust. If you donít break the fleas life cycle with a strong topical flea solution or shampoo you risk an infestation in your home. Tick and flea killer that gets rid of fleas in hours. With PetCareRx you can afford to buy the best for your pet. Donít pay full price again at your veterinarian. Get discount flea and tick control from the online pet pharmacy PetCareRx . 





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